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Proofreading and editing are the necessary evils that separate your written documents or online content from the rest. Regardless of how well you write, the meaning you’re trying to convey may be diluted or lost entirely if your work is not properly edited and proofread.

We specialize in proofreading, editing, and writing services for business and individual clients. We offer prompt and accurate solutions tailored to meet your needs. We are committed to providing these services in an accurate and timely way to satisfy our customers’ requirements. 

Our editors all hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Our technical editors have degrees in engineering, math, and MCSE certification. The experience, competence and credentials of our editors ensure our customers of a quality result. Our aim is to meet the growing demand for proofreading services from academics and business people around the world.

All communications with SME Consultants will be confidential. The security of your documents is guaranteed. Files are transferred over a secure network.

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