Dubai Airport Freezone

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DAFZA also known as Dubai Airport Free Zone was established in 1996 within the boundaries of Dubai International Airport and is considered as one of the fastest growing free zones in the region. The DAFZA free zone was constructed for developing Dubai as a successful centre of business, trade and investment.

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Dubai Airport Free Zone was established as Dubai’s government strategic plan to be a investment driven economy and what is the better way to utilize free zone services and facilities for it.DAFZA provides international investors with great business growth opportunities in the longer run. The free zone stretches over an area of 696,000 square meters which includes 13 buildings and 256 warehouses.

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Here are some of the advantages of joining the free zone community:

100 Percent Exemption from Import and Export Duties

  • Being an outsider who wants to be associated with DAFZA free zone, there Is a complete exemption from import and export duties

One Stop Destination for your Business Needs

  • As a DAFZA member, you can easily access resources required to grow your business for the betterment of the company you are associated with.

Excellent Facilities to Choose From

  • You can enjoy a high quality lifestyle with superb facilities in the free zone area itself
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DAFZA provides the following list of services that can be opted based on the business requirements:

  • Leasing and Licensing Services

This includes incorporation and registration of new FZ establishment or branch of a foreign company, free zone licensing and office lease agreements.

  • Government Services

The services related to visas, family sponsorship, visa transfer and employment contracts are covered under this.

  • SetUp and Operational Services

DAFZA helps at every stage of the incorporation process from determining your business formation type, legal consultation and regulations compliance to acquiring the                         business license and visas.

  • Security Related Services
  • Information and Communication Technology Services
  • Interiors and Facility Management Services
  • Other services that include banks, food court, retail areas etc.
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The different types of license depend on the activities you need to perform in the free zone:

  • Trading License

This license works when the holder wants to import, export, distribute and store items specified in the license.

  • Service License

This license works when the holder wants to carry out services specified in the license.

  • Industrial License

This license entitles the holder to carry light industrial activities, packaging and assembling.

  • General Trading License

This license entitles the holder to trade in general activities like import, export etc.

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The estimated cost of setting up a company in Dubai Airport free zone includes Dubai Free Zone license cost as well. The cost of industrial and commercial license is 9375 AED.However, the charges tend to differ and the exact cost is determined at the time of submission of the application. You can either create a free zone company (FZCO) or open a branch of an existing company.

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The following three steps are involved to begin business activities in free zone area:

  • DAFZA company types where the companies can select either free zone company or open a branch
  • DAFZA business registration
  • DAFZA company keys handover once the lease and company is registered

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