Freezone Company Setup

  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • Exemption from all import duties;
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits;
  • Freedom from corporate taxation, as applied throughout Dubai, with the added bonus of a renewable 15 year guarantee in the free zone;
  • Abundant inexpensive energy;
  • Simple and efficient recruitment procedures ensuring the availability of a competitive skilled and experienced workforce;
  • A high level of administrative support from the free zone authorities.


Companies approved for operation in Free Zone, are granted one of the following types of licences: Trading; Industrial; Service; or National Industrial. These licences are renewable annually for as long as the company holds a valid lease from either of the Free Zones.

  • Trading licences will be granted to companies holding a valid licence issued by the Dubai Economic Development Department or an equivalent authority in the UAE, and to companies incorporated outside the UAE. In each case, the permitted activities on the Free Zone licence must conform to those on the existing licence. Trading licences are also issued to Free Zone Establishments (FZE).
  • Industrial licences are issued to companies incorporated outside the UAE and to Free Zone Establishments.
  • Service licences are only granted to companies holding a valid UAE licence.
  • National Industrial licences are issued to industrial companies registered within or outside the UAE, provided they meet the conditions of having at least 51% AGCC equity and their local production accounting for at least 40% value added. Such companies must obtain provisional approval from the UAE Ministry of Finance and Industry. A National Industrial licence grants its holder the same rights as those of national and other AGCC companies, and products exported to AGCC states will be exempted from customs duties.

If a company wishes to practice more than one of the above-mentioned activities, it must obtain a separate license for each category of activity.

Companies holding a Free Zone license are permitted to operate in the Jebel Ali or Dubai Airport Free Zones and outside the UAE. Operation within the UAE can be undertaken either by a commercial agent, representative, distributor, or the mother company licensed by the relevant UAE authority. Any company holding a Free Zone license can itself purchase goods or services within the UAE.[/ultimate_heading]

Since 1992, the Department of Economic Development (DED)which is a business hub under the jurisdiction of the government of Dubai, UAE. DED was established in March 1992 with the prime aim of regulating & organizing the trade & industry in the Emirate of Dubai & simultaneously enhancing the economic development & growth of Dubai & the UAE. DED is the licence issuing authority for business setup in Dubai mainland, business registration & mainland license as well as commercial compliance & consumer protection in the Emirate of Dubai.

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