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Established in 2004 by the Government of Dubai, Dubai Silicon Oasis is celebrated for its eminent design, development, and innovation in the domains of nanotechnology, photovoltaic, optoelectronic technology, and electronics as well as tangential industries that provide support to the aforementioned sectors in the form of materials and equipment requisite for the production of information and communications technologies (ICT) with semiconductors. In fact, Dubai Silicon Oasis is the only technology park in the UAE that offers a combined working and living community.

It was founded with the aim to enable and promote novel technology-based industries in the Middle East and deliver a business climate well suited to the complete electronics value chain. DSO strives to draw in multinational companies that are involved in semiconductor manufacturing, microelectronics, electronic manufacturing systems, test and assembly, fabless IC design, and optoelectronics-related enterprises.

DSO is spread across 7.2 square kilometres and proffers progressive industrial, public, living and residential, commercial, and educational facilities.


Benefits/Salient Features

Members of Dubai Silicon Oasis Park have access to numerous benefits and facilities that can tend to their business needs. These include:

  • 100 per cent foreign ownership
  • 100 per cent repatriation of capital
  • Exemption from income tax, corporate tax, and export or import tax
  • Economical cost of operations
  • Futuristic IT facilities and infrastructure including tier 3 data centre
  • Speed of setting up business and licensing
  • Exclusive business support services such as the integrated online e-Business system that offers tenants quick and effective services at the click of a button
  • Access to regional bank of expert engineering and technical professionals
  • Steady and unambiguous regulations
  • Access to consumer markets of 5 billion people i.e. North Africa, Indian subcontinent, and Middle East

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DSO provides an exhaustive portfolio of services that are designed to ensure that all requirements of members and clients are taken care of. These services include:

  1. IT Services
  • Data Centre Hosting
  • Telecommunication and Internet Services
  • Network Services
  • E-services
  1. Government Services
  • Business Registration & Licensing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Municipal Services & Building Certification
  • Immigration Services & Employee Visa Processing
  1. Besides government and IT services, DSO also gives clients direct help lines and an exclusive client management service with expertly trained staff to make sure that all of the client’s needs are tended to.

Types of License

Companies seeking to establish their presence in DSO can take their pick from three primary types of licences. These are:

Operating Licences

  • Service Licence: This enables the registered entity to execute only stated services
  • Trade Licence: This license enables the registered entity to undertake activities associated with import, export, and distribution of goods and items as mentioned in the licence.
  • Industrial Licence: This license enables the registered entity to import raw material, manufacture, and process, assemble, package, and export the finished product.

DSO also offers a Business Operation Permit under the special licences category for entities operating in DSOA’s Administrative Zone with a license issued by the Dubai Economic Department (DED).

Cost of Setting Up

Setting up a business in Dubai Silicon Oasis requires registration, license, and lease agreement and the cost for each of these elements varies owing to the various options available within each of these aforementioned categories.

Additional Facility

DSO offers a wide array of top-notch facilities including offices, multiple-Use warehousing and manufacturing, land for development, conference facilities, and student accommodation among other amenities.