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Food Brand Trademark Registration: FAQs

in Product Registration

It’s impossible to not drool over Emirati cuisines. From popular Madrouba to traditional Tahta Malih to finger-lickingly scrumptious Harees to classic world-famous Shawarma, Dubai’s versatile drool-worthy food menu can tickle you pink even in your worst mood. Thanks to the ever-growing food business in Dubai, UAE! Staples of Emirati cuisine include meat, fish, and rice, […]

Professional Licence in Dubai Explained

in Trade license

Life is no bed of roses! And it’s professionals and experts like doctors, nurses, chartered accountants, drivers, lawyers, engineers, business consultants that make the life of the common public easy and stress-free. Fixing a faulty tap, air conditioner, vehicle, computer, phone, etc., or dealing with their finances by themselves is no less than taking a […]

What Should I Know to Start a Business in Dubai?

in Business & Management

The commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai springs up first when a foreigner entrepreneur like you thinks of establishing a new company or expanding the existing business abroad. Home to world’s tallest 828-metres-high “Burj Khalifa”, the “city of many superlatives and firsts” is the first choice of most investors the world over. The […]

FTA’s New Move Relieved Tax Registrants from Double VAT Taxation on Supplies in Designated Zones

in Taxation

A Quick Recap Free zones are certain set geographic areas with security measures in place to watch the movement of goods and people. VAT applies throughout the UAE but not designated free zones, a specific area assigned to be outside the UAE for Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes. According to the document published by the […]

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